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Accounting Treasure Hunt® for AOL

Singleton Associates worked closely with AOL's Corporate Accounting and Interactive Marketing finance officers to develop a Treasure Hunt designed from the ground up for the Interactive Marketing Group at AOL's Dulles, Virginia Headquarters. We continue to work with these officers to continuously improve the seminar before every delivery.

The Accounting Treasure Hunt for AOL incorporates proprietary information and actual deals to help IM personnel better understand revenue recognition, expense recognition, cash flow, and other important financial aspects of AOL IM's business.


"You made understanding balance sheets and income statements easy."

"I think this class gave an excellent overview of the accounting and finance process. [The Accounting Treasure Hunt for AOL] explained terms in a user friendly way."

"You could tell the instructor really cares about his work and whether or not the participants understood the material."

"Great class! Great to understand the 'plain English' version of Wall Street jargon as it relates to AOL."

"This class was fun and very well taught. The material was presented in an easy to understand way."

"I gained a considerable understanding of something I used to put off... [The Accounting Treasure Hunt for AOL] was very valuable to me."

Let us develop an Accounting Treasure Hunt® Custom Seminar for you!

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