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Case Studies


Accounting Treasure Hunt® for Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems asked us to develop a custom seminar to help the company's Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, and Executive Communications groups better understand and communicate the financial aspects of the Company's industry leading performance.

The Accounting Treasure Hunt® for Cisco Systems incorporated actual Cisco sales and service transactions, financial statements, press releases, and operating procedures, all of which made the program extremely relevant for Ciso professionals.

The seminar has been presented at Cisco Systems corporate headquarters in San Jose, California, and at the company's EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) headquarters in London, UK.


"Excellent! I learned a lot. Will really help me be more successful in my job. Good supporting materials. Great instructor keeps you engaged"
Executive Communications Officer, San Jose

"Very good course and well worth the time! Larry knows his stuff and presented in an easy to understand method. He was willing to continue to discuss areas that people didn't immediately understand."
Public Relations Manager, United Kingdom and Ireland

"Great class, I learned a lot. Really helpful having it customized to Cisco. Larry was informative and patient, and did a great job of making the class and a dry topic enjoyable and fun. Thank you!"Executive Communications Officer, San Jose

"Very useful. A great deal of content to fit in, but a refreshing approach to accountancy! Larry knows his stuff! Communicates well, and patiently."
Public Relations, EMEA

"Larry made accounting interesting and understandable. I like being able to take notes directly in the materials. I thought the class had an excellent flow and structure. Larry clearly is an expert in his field and did a great job simplifying the material. Very helpful!"
Executive Communications Officer, San Jose

"Learning accounting really was fun! Very nice! Easy to digest. Obviously Larry is very knowledgeable. Very good at simplifying tough topics."

"Made difficult information easy to understand."
Corporate Positioning, San Jose

"It is not an easy class to teach - you make it interesting."
Corporate Public Relations, San Jose

"A lot of good stuff!"
Investor Relations, San Jose

"You took a subject typically intimidating to most and made it fun, informative and most importantly relevant."
Investor Relations, San Jose

"Good interactive program and curriculum. Fun way to learn about accounting. Good sense of humor and good presentation of materials."
Corporate Positioning, San Jose

Let us develop an Accounting Treasure Hunt® Custom Seminar for you!

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