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What our clients and partners are saying about us…

“The Accounting Treasure Hunt was excellent, and the way it was customized to include real Cisco transactions and financial statements made it even better! You took a subject typically intimidating to most and made it fun, informative, and most importantly relevant.”
Executive Communications Officer
Cisco Systems, Inc.

“This is the first seminar that ever brought basic accounting information all together for me. I also enjoyed the use of role-plays to introduce new topics - they kept every participant engaged. Everyone in the business world should attend the Accounting Treasure Hunt.”
Vice President, Communications
NiSource Inc.
“The course was customized to meet our specialized need at the Bank, and was very informative and extremely well taught. Even our most senior managers learned a lot!”
Senior Manager
The World Bank

“An engaging and clear design - Excellent facilitator, engaging format, conducive to the 'layman' or those new to accounting. Well organized, contains great reference material for future reference. Clear subject matter expert, obvious enthusiasm for content.”
Training Manager
US Airways

“My job requires me to follow the markets closely every business day. The Accounting Treasure Hunt is the best accounting and finance program I have ever attended. In one day the seminar covers the issues facing technology companies in a way that keeps everyone involved. The program starts with the basics, but also delves into the financial impact of many advanced topics, such as stock options, mergers and acquisitions, and software revenue recognition, hot topics for many of our companies.”
MarketWatch Analyst
The NASDAQ Stock Market

Attend one of our public sessions, or ask us to deliver an Accounting Treasure Hunt® on-site for your organization. Either way, you will learn more about accounting and finance than you ever imagined possible.

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