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Accounting Treasure Hunt®

The Accounting Treasure Hunt is the most effective “Finance and Accounting for the Nonfinancial Professional” seminar available. Dr. Lawrence Singleton developed this seminar after over twenty years of experience as a university professor and consultant. It starts with the basics, assumes no prior accounting knowledge, and teaches accounting and finance in a way that people can actually understand and apply.

What You Need to Know:

Who Should Attend the Accounting Treasure Hunt

x Anyone who wants to understand the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows.
x Anyone who wants to learn accounting and finance basics from the perspective of a high tech firm.
x Anyone who wants to understand basic financial analysis.
x Anyone who wants to understand what is meant by “profit.”
x Anyone who wants to understand how to read and interpret financial statements.
x Anyone who likes to learn and have fun at the same time!

The Accounting Treasure Hunt is designed FOR business professionals BY business professionals. The Accounting Treasure Hunt was developed by a collaboration of accountants, auditors, investment bankers, attorneys, and academics, all of whom have extensive business experience and excellent communication skills.

Key Points You Will Understand After Attending

x Accounting Fundamentals and Basic Terminology
x Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (The House of GAAP)
x Basic Financial Statements
x Balance Sheet, Including the Fundamental Accounting Equation
x Income Statement, Including Revenues and Expenses
x Statement of Cash Flows
x Corporate Basics - We will form a corporation - Each participant owns "shares" in our start-up company
x Revenue Recognition for Companies that Sell Services and Products
x Accrual Basis versus the Cash Basis of Accounting
x C-A-S-H - The four letter word everyone loves
x Expense Recognition
x Income Statement versus the Statement of Cash Flows
x What it Means to Capitalize a Cost versus Expensing It
x Stock-Based Compensation (including stock options)
x Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
x Goodwill
x Research and Development (R&D) Costs
x Software Development Costs
x The Independent Auditor's Report - What it Means
x Do much, much, more, all while having more fun than you ever imagined possible in an accounting seminar.

Why An Accounting Treasure Hunt?

Imagine starting your own company with your friends and family. Your goal is to build and grow your business, all the while searching for the treasure of accounting knowledge and understanding. During the Treasure Hunt you learn about many of the business issues companies face, including stock options, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), lease versus purchase decisions, and revenue recognition. You also acquire another company and deal with a myriad of accounting issues, including goodwill - all while having fun hunting for treasure.

Throughout The Accounting Treasure Hunt You Will Learn What the Numbers Mean and (Even More Important) What They Don't Mean.

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